Hex from ABC-TV's Good Game / Authors After School

1-Sep-2016. 4:00 PM

Welcome to Dig World!

Rip and Mei are trapped inside a brand new video game. No one on the outside knows they're in there. If they don't play the game and find the way out, they'll be stuck . . . forever.  They must build a shelter and find food while they battle Flametigers, sombrero-wearing spiders and lava-lizards!
How will they survive? 

“I love Good Game Spawn Point with Hex and Bajo, this book so much fun! Join Rip and Mei as they try to survive in Dig World!”
- Molly Page Age 10

Matt Burke / Authors In Store

03-Sep-2016. 11:00 AM

Get a copy of Matt Burke’s book signed just in time for Father’s Day!

In Kicking It Around the Globe, Matt takes us behind the scenes, inside the four walls of the change room and the four lines of the football pitch, with revealing, often hilarious tales of his playing days. There are the trials and tribulations – being clobbered on his club debut for Eastwood as a 17-year-old and fumbling embarrassingly in his first match for the Wallabies. There are the better times too – Matt's stellar performance in the unforgettable 1999 World Cup final and his breathtaking Bledisloe Cup-winning penalty in 2002. And all with the banter in the background of teammates, opponents, referees, ball-boys and the occasional less-than-helpful member of the crowd.
Kicking It Around the Globe is an insider's view of the passion and humour of the world of rugby, seen through the eyes of one of its finest players.

Don Watson / At the Library

21-Sep-2016. 7:00 PM

With wit and acuity, Don Watson takes us on a journey into the heart of the United States in the year 2016.

Plunging into the apparent chaos of the presidential campaign and
tracing America’s recent past, he puts Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in a larger frame.

Pre-paid bookings essential
Adults $10.00 Pensioners/Students $8.00 (Passes must be shown)

For all enquiries contact Mosman Library Service on 9978-4091
Pages and Pages on 9969-9736 or Book Online

Tim Winton / BOOKED OUT

10-Oct-2016. 12:00 PM

Tim Winton discusses boyhood, movies and road-trips, family and faith, art and writing as he reveals the real characters and events behind his novels. 

The remarkable true stories of The Boy Behind the Curtain reveal an intimate and rare view of Tim Winton's imagination at work and play. By turns impassioned, funny, joyous, astonishing, this is Winton's most personal book to date, an insight into the man who's held us enthralled for three decades and helped us reshape our view of ourselves. Behind it all, from risk-taking youth to surprise-averse middle age, has been the crazy punt of staking everything on becoming a writer.

Join us for an intimate lunch with one of Australia’s finest writers.

$75 includes a two course lunch and a glass of wine
For Bookings call The Bathers' office on 9969-5050

Silvia Colloca / A Bathers' Lunch

13-Oct-2016. 12:00 PM

In her third cookbook, La Dolce Vita, Italian born Silvia Colloca responds to the misconception that Italian food is unhealthy with her honest, authentic guide to ‘the sweet life’ - guilt free.

Amidst the current hype for healthy eating fixes like the zucchini
spaghetti, cauliflower parmesan cheese and pumpkin lasagne sheets that infiltrate our newsfeeds - Silvia’s approach is simple and cost- effective: enjoy fresh and sustainable food.

Silvia reminds us that food is an occasion to gather, nurture, entertain and most importantly, celebrate life. And it’s so easy with recipes for children’s parties, edible gifts, picnics and of explore the true flexibility of Italian cuisine.

$75 includes a two course lunch and a glass of wine.
For Bookings call The Bathers' office on 9969-5050

Stephanie Alexander / A Bathers' Dinner

3-Nov-2016. 7:00 PM

In her milestone new book beloved cook and food educator, Stephanie Alexander, shares some of her favourite menus, most precious memories, and decades of experience in the kitchen, to make any dinner party you are planning a special occasion. Featuring 25 menus ranging from far and wide to close at hand, Stephanie begins each menu with an introduction, sharing the particular moments from her life that inspired each one. From trips to Peru, Italy and Istanbul to memories such as creating a ground breaking Valentine’s Day menu at Stephanie’s Restaurant and remembering Elizabeth David.

The Cook’s Table will sit alongside all your other Stephanie Alexander favourites to be read, shared, cooked from and enjoyed for years to come.

$125 includes a three course dinner and a glass of wine. For Bookings call The Bathers' office on 9969-5050