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Passchendaele epitomises everything that was most terrible about the Western Front, and Paul Ham’s Passchendaele: Requiem for Doomed Youth tells the story of ordinary men in the grip of a political and military power struggle that determined their fate and has foreshadowed the destiny of the world for a century. The book lays down a powerful challenge to the idea of war as an inevitable expression of the human will, and examines the culpability of governments and military commanders in a catastrophe that destroyed the best part of a generation. You can hear Paul Ham discuss it at the Barry O'Keefe Library on 10 October at 7pm.



From the glittering temples of Luxor to the Citadel of Sparta,Pharaoh is an intense and powerful novel magnificently transporting you to a time of threat, blood and glory.

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This is the story a family's collapse, but also a young boy's dream to escape the misery of the suburbs with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to join a rock'n'roll band and get out of town for good.
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Long before they became famous writers, Truman Capote and Harper Lee were childhood friends in Monroeville, Alabama. This is a fictionalized account of their time together.
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