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Rebecca Huntley, one of Australia’s most experienced and knowledgeable social researchers, has travelled the country from small country towns to big metropolitan cities gathering insight into how we feel about this country’s past, present and future. 

After a decade of asking questions, listening to, and analysing the answers, Rebecca Huntley knows what Australians are really thinking. 

Still Lucky is a barometer of our attitudes about what we feel matters, and what we feel doesn’t. It is essential reading for everyone interested in Australia.Rebecca will be discussing her new book at Barry O'Keefe Library next Monday, 27th February at 7pm.

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An American epic in the vein of The Son and True Grit. Fifteen-year-old John Evert is left for dead after his home is attacked and his mother kidnapped. John slowly recover from his wounds in the newly formed city of Los Angeles plotting his mother's return and his vengeance. His journey of revenge will take him from the Californian wilderness to the brutality of the Civil War and back again.
A magnificent debut you won't be able to put down. Jon
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A. A. Gill was rightly hailed as one of the greatest journalists of our time. This selection of some of his recent pieces, which he made himself before his untimely death, spans the last five years from all corners of the world. It shows him at his most perceptive, brilliant and funny. His subjects range from the controversial - fur - to the heartfelt - a fantastic crystallisation of what it means to be European.
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In Rebel of the Sands we met Armani, brave, wild and desperate for escape from a life that offered nothing but marriage. A chance meeting with a strange boy changed her fate. In the desert sands of an exotic world where Djiin used to walk, horses made of sand and wind can make you rich and rebellion is brewing, romance and adventure abounds in this brilliant series. Think Rey from Star Wars meets Arabian Nights! Kate

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