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Nikki Gemmell explores the devastating aftermath of her elderly mother's decision to end her own life in her new book After. 

It is the story of Elayn Gemmell, and the often difficult, prickly relationship between mothers and daughters, and how that changes over time. As anguished as it truthful, as powerful as it is profound, After is about life, death, elderly parents, mothers and daughters, hurt and healing, and about how little, sometimes, we know the ones we love the most.

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An untraditional, but beautiful love story about the power and possibilities of the human heart, and how two people can touch each other - without ever even touching.
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Millions of words have been spent in our quest to explain men’s seemingly never-ending dominance in boardrooms, in parliaments, in the bureaucracy and in almost every workplace. So why is gender inequality still such a pressing issue? 
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When Binky the cat moves in next door, Plum can't understand why everyone likes him so much. But she soon learns that there's no need to be jealous and there's plenty of love to go round. 
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